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Consulting & Transcreation Services

Julissa provides renowned health equity consulting and is one of the leading pioneers of “transcreation” in the United States. She partners with funders, nonprofits, faith-based organizations, school districts, government agencies and many others to provide strategic consulting, as well as English-Spanish transcreation services. She also provides specialized training with partners throughout the United States.

Focus Areas

  • Innovative Program Development Focused on Improving Social Determinants of Health for Underserved Populations
  • Bilingual Translation and “Transcreation” Focused on Culturally Relevant Language and Public Health Equity
  • Bilingual Health Outreach and Equity Programs 

Current & Past Consulting Projects

Instructor and Consultant, Cultural Wellness Training Programs

  • Provide Cultural Validation and Cultural Wellness trainings to health and public health officials
  • Develop recommendations for program implementation to ensure equity across broad populations

Ambassador, Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing

  • Lead and facilitate focus groups to assist in breaking down barriers to Medicaid; 
  • Report on issues and disparities identified by community members and focus group participants; 
  • Make recommendations for solutions as needed 

COVID-19 Task Force Chair, Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing

  • Lead and facilitate task force meetings;
  • Guide and assist in the process of identifying health disparities and recommendations for solutions; 
  • Provide guidance and assist in the recruitment and selection of health equity ambassadors

Spanish Language Reviewer, National Resource Center for Refugees, Immigrants, and Migrant Center for Global Health and Social Responsibility University of Minnesota

  • Review health content and related material translated into Spanish to ensure linguistic accuracy and cultural appropriateness;
  • Provide edits, input and guidance needed

Vaccine Sunday Ambassador, Immunize Colorado

  • Develop and implement evidence-based programming to ensure vaccine equity for Latino and monolingual Spanish speaking communities throughout Colorado;
  • Provide innovative community outreach techniques and events resulting in extremely high rates of vaccination among traditionally vaccine-hesitant communities and populations;
  • Develop and nurture community partnerships to build community trust, accountability and transparency with a wide range of organizations, including churches, barber shops, community centers and more

Bilingual Consultant, Multiple RAE’s Programs

  • Lead efforts to ensure accountability and transparency in planning processes while facilitating stakeholder engagement with a strong focus on diversity and inclusion;
  • Ensure content, communication and services are culturally competent, accessible and easily understood by a wide variety of stakeholders, including Spanish-speaking members and families;
  • Promote person-centered, user-accessibility strategies while focusing on meeting health outcomes and agreed upon performance measures


At NRC-RIM we have very high standards for translated materials, and we know we can count on Julissa to help us ensure what we create is not only accurate, but culturally relevant.

Words cannot adequately describe the spirit-inspired energy of Julissa Soto. Her passion for the work she does promoting health equity for all people is genuine. Julissa’s ability to establish rapport with diverse populations enhances her capacity to connect individuals with the resources and services they need to insure their health and wellbeing.