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Julissa works with public health departments, community organizations, school districts, universities, government agencies, churches and many others to provide evidence-based, innovative training and presentations. 


 Signature Trainings: The Power of Cultural Validation

The Power of Cultural Validation

This signature training from Julissa Soto Latino Health Equity Consulting introduces the importance of utilizing Cultural Validation in preparation for interacting with vulnerable and marginalized populations and communities, particularly in health and public health settings. Learners will be able to understand the importance and effectiveness of Cultural Validation, how Cultural Validation increases desired health and public health outcomes (i.e. numbers of vaccines delivered, clients served, etc.), and receive step by step instructions for implementing effective Cultural Validation processes in their own health and public health equity activities.

Tailored and Topic-Based Cultural Validation Trainings

In addition to the Power of Cultural Validation, Julissa provides tailored trainings to specific audience. See additional current training opportunities below.

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The Power of Cultural Validation: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The purpose of this training is to improve the ability of professionals to respond to the needs of a culturally diverse population and to improve outcomes for the community. It is designed to help individuals examine their biases and leverage their power to confront the issues that impact the clients they serve. Over the course of two hours, we will address microaggressions, poverty, power, racism, homophobia, neurodiversity, and ableism. We will examine individual and agency responsibility to increase equity for the populations served.

The Power of Cultural Validation: One School, One Vaccine at a Time

This training introduces learners to critical information about strategies for increasing vaccines and routine immunizations among children, youth and families, and demonstrates how the Power of Cultural Validation can increase access to care by meeting communities where they are, making health care fun, and building genuine relationships in the community. 

The Power of Cultural Validation in Pharmacy Settings

Pharmacists play a crucial role in our nation’s health care system. Yet, their vital contribution to our health care system is often overlooked. Because of this, important trainings about accessibility and barriers often don’t make it to Pharmacies. The Power of Cultural Validation in Pharmacy settings teaches pharmacists how they can become health equity leaders for some of our most vulnerable communities. 

The Power of Cultural Validation in Care Coordination

This training introduces learners to Cultural Validation using the whole person approach necessary for effective Care Coordination with diverse communities. With these techniques, community workers can build trust with their clients and navigate them to resources that align with their cultural, community and environmental needs.

The Power of Cultural Validation Presentations


The Power of Cultural Validation in Action – Meeting the Community Where They Are

 Youth Mental Health First Aid

Bilingual Certified Youth Mental Health First Aid Instructor

Julissa is one of the few bilingual Certified Youth Mental Health First Aid instructors. Contact Julissa today to empower your team to identify signs of mental health risks for youth in our communities, and to take action to provide support and care for those in crisis. 


Learn more about this important program here.


The information you shared sparked and renewed us all to remember to see the world from outside our own personal mindset and biases. Saying Thank you is not enough. Hugs and much respect from Alabama.
I have heard nothing but wonderful feedback about your training today. Thank you for bringing this to DCHD! You create safety and understanding. One of the many wonderful qualities in you! – Laura Larson, Assistant Director for Community Health, Douglas County Health Department

Your presentation and sharing of your experience were a true gift at the Cultural Validation training today. There is still buzz going on around the office as people reflect on the material covered and new perspectives people gained. There is so much value in your training that we wanted to request your permission to share the recording and the Slide Deck across the Douglas County organization as a learning opportunity. Thank you again for your partnership… – Erin Nash, MS, NBC-HWC, Douglas County Health Department

My phone has been blowing up! EVERYONE LOVES YOU! … I’ve already had colleagues say they will be reaching out to you to come and present at their upcoming events. Keep being you and spreading this beautiful gifts God has given you of meaningful connection, passion, beauty, intelligence, advocacy and advancing health equity. Much love mi amiga! – Omolola (Lola) A. Adeoye-Olatunde, PharmD, MS, Founder and Director, Health Equity Research Lab | Director, Center for Health Equity and Innovation at Perdue University

The talk [] you gave in New Orleans was phenomenal. You could certainly give that talk.…We had class earlier this week, and the students raved about your presentation! Scott Rivkes, Brown University, School of Public Health, Former Surgeon General, State of Florida

I think I speak for the entire council when I say a sincere, “Thank you Julissa Soto! Your words of motivation and your story of survival was inspirational. We so appreciate your energy and time that was shared on Wednesday night. Sending you sincere appreciation for making this event so memorable. – Mary Patt McNeill, Family Services Director, Denver Great Kids Head Start /Office of Childrens Affairs | City and County of Denver

Countless panels and panelists at the 2023 National Vaccine Law Conference merit special mention for their contributions both to the conference and in their work. On the afternoon of the first day, I happened to moderate a panel on “Reaching the Unreachables” composed of three remarkable champions of public health: Mordecai Bell, Program Services Coordinator and Director of Rural Vaccine Confidence Initiative for the National Rural Health Association; Kasia Shaw, Senior Director of Medical Respite and Nursing Services for PathForward; and Julissa Soto, Commissioner of the Health Equity Commission for the Colorado Department of Public Health, and CEO and Founder, Julissa Soto Latino Health Equity Consulting. Each of these individuals works tirelessly to bring public health to a specific population often underserved by conventional public health mechanisms, including those living in small rural communities, the urban unhoused, and recent immigrants to the United States. Julissa Soto, for example, brought her boundless energy and force-of-nature personality to the panel, connecting her own remarkable personal journey to the work that she has done to raise vaccination rates among Colorado’s immigrant population — one community and one school at a time, if needed! – Brian Dean Abramson, Chair of the National Vaccine Law Conference

…I loved your presentation in September, and I loved your presentation today at the Pharmacists Health Equity Summit in Indy… Researchers will frequently bring on a statistician or an engineer for ~5% effort for a project [] to review items specific to their expertise.  Language experts should be treated with the same level of professional respect. – K.L., Eskanzi Health

I wanted to thank you for coming to speak with us today at [Rocky Vista Medical University]. I found your presentation really helpful in better understanding the perspective of immigrant communities in regards to accessing healthcare and the certain barriers they face. 

I wanted to thank you for coming yesterday to share your story and your advice on putting cultural validation into practice…It does give me confidence that if I’m able to approach different cultures with humility, trying to learn and serve even as I make mistakes, that my authenticity will come through despite any language slip-ups.

Cultural Validation is the catalyst to effective care coordination.

Thank you for your fabulous webinar yesterday!! We really appreciate your perspective and strategies for working more effectively with various cultures! I know that our listeners appreciated you also! – Lori and IIC staff

Julissa- one quote that stood that stood out to me [from your presentation] was “You can be part of the change.  Start your movement for what you care about and keep your passion”.  I think that also resonated with students! – J.W. UC Aschutz Medical Campus

Cultural Validation should be part of the “canasta basica” of trainings for all health professionals. We all know that the health care system in the U.S. has a lot of room for improvement and navigating it is not an easy task even [if] you speak the language, even if you’re documented and even if you’re educated. We must all do our part to bring down those barriers and help increase health care access for all…Is great to see an empowered Latina like you, doing amazing things for our communities. – A. 

Once again Julissa provided a thoughtful, engaging presentation which captured and held the audience’s attention.  Clearly, she is passionate about her work and this subject.  She is able to convey her enthusiasm to the audience while providing concrete suggestions for delivering culturally sensitive, effective healthcare. – Ann Froese-Fretz, MS, RN, CNS, CPNP-PC, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus | College of Nursing

Julissa speaks the truth about how her community views researchers and researchers. It is what we need to hear AND she has the lived experience to help us do better. I thank you for sharing, listening, connecting, teaching, and acting. You create a challenging, yet safe, space for those who really want to do the work. – L.Wright

First off thank you so much for your time. As soon as I walked into the conference room, I felt a positive energy. You are an inspiring individual that genuinely looks to advocate for Health Equity. It is remarkable to see you fighting so hard and energetically for the Latino(a)(x) community and all communities for that matter. I back the work you do and appreciate what you do for people that look like me and my family. I know there is so much more work to do, and your energy has reinvigorated me to continue to work hard for our vulnerable populations. – America Elias, MSc, Senior Professional Research Assistant, Institute for Health Research, Kaiser Permanente Colorado

Your determination, fearlessness, advocacy, authenticity, and passion for undeserved communities is beyond admirable. Your story, your work, and your strong will for change challenge me to become more intentional with my own desires and hopes for my future in public health. Thank you for widening my lens, and providing real life perspective to the areas in public health that need to be approached authentically and genuinely. – AW, Research Specialist

Julissa Soto’s presentation was even better than I expected after visiting at dinner the evening before.  She does not care about making people uncomfortable, but in a manner that promotes growth, learning, and understanding.  Pushing boundaries and giving us the full spectrum of where she came from, Julissa makes it very clear her passion and her mission: To educate and continue to help all families and children any way possible, especially in terms of receiving proper vaccinations!  A very powerful, thought-provoking speech that created what seemed like a mixed array of emotions: Laughter, tearing up, seriousness, somber and understanding. Overall, the message was clear and was well-received, and I appreciate Ms. Soto for taking the time to speak at our Immunization Conference in Kansas! – Jacob Teats, Statewide Education Coordinator, KU Medical Center’s Area Health Education Center


I just wanted to follow up with you today and let you know how much I enjoyed your presentation at the AIM Beaches Region Vaccine Access Meeting in New Orleans.  During your presentation, I realized that the approach that we were using in Alabama to reach the Hispanic community was not nearly as strong as it should be – even though we had the best of intentions.  I have gained a better understanding of how I need to approach the Hispanic community by using trusted individuals within the community to reach our public health goals (not just vaccination efforts).  We will be reaching out to more of these trusted groups/individuals in the near future to have an idea of how we can work better with the Hispanic community in Alabama. Thank you so much for the helpful insight. – Denise Strickland, Immunization Division Director, Alabama Department of Public Health

What most impacted me about your presentation: There is not an access issue. When providers create the access, they will come.

It was inspiring to learn about Julissa’s approach to working with the Latino community in Colorado and the community’s receptiveness to welcome innovative opportunities to increase COVID19 vaccinations in her region. -Roxana Garcia-Ochoa, Health Education Council, Sacramento, CA