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Interview with Dr Jose- June 5th Interview

Every first Monday of the month I host a radio show, “Prevention is Health” on Spanish language Tigre Radio (see description of Tigre Radio below). This program gives me the opportunity to reach the Latino immigrant community throughout Colorado. It’s important to keep that community up to date on matters of public health that affect their lives. It’s a big responsibility as well as an honor for me to reach my paisanos this way. They listen to Spanish language radio, often while on the job. I work hard to bring expert guests onto my program. 

On Monday June 5 I had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Leonardo Cuello, Research Professor at Georgetown University. His forte is public policy impacting children and families. And right now one of the biggest impacts on Latino families is the threat they face of losing Medicaid unless they follow the complicated procedures (Medicaid Unwind) to renew their enrollments. Procedures made even more complicated because the instructions are either in English or a translated version of English that hasn’t been transcreated to ensure the true connection and understanding of the Colorado Latino community. Mr. Cuello and I teamed up to help listeners understand the importance to their lives of Medicaid and to answer caller questions.

The next “Prevention is Health” broadcast will be Monday, July 3 at 5PM. I suspect we’ll still be answering questions on Medicaid Unwind!

But we can take on other topics on health and immigrant rights too. If you have a message to discuss with our Colorado Latino community, let me know. I would be happy to bring you as a guest onto the “Prevention is Health with Julissa Soto” program.

You can find out more about me at my Latino Health Equity Consulting website.

About Tigre Radio: 

KGRE is a radio station broadcasting a Regional Mexican format. Tigre Radio is proudly the first Spanish station in all of Northern and Southern Colorado managed and operated locally. Broadcasting out of Mexico City, Radio EducaciĆ³n is known for producing high-quality Spanish language educational and informational programming. It operates as a decentralized body of the Ministry of Education, and functions in cooperation with the National Council for Culture and the Arts. The station places a focus on highlighting aspects of Mexican culture, with a particular emphasis on the creative arts. It has a long-standing tradition of producing popular audio soap operas, but also features informational features on serious subjects like history, politics, literature, science and sexual health.